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  • Protecting Immigrants Rights
    • Extend DACA
      • DREAM’ers are Americans
    • Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform
      • Immigrants cant stand in a line that doesn’t exist
  • Creating More Affordable Housing
    • Everyone deserves a roof over their heads
    • Home Ownership is the American Dream
  • Lowering the Cost of Health Care
    • Health Care is a RIght and Health access should be affordable and accessible
  • Ending Discrimination
    • Workplace and career discrimination must end in order for our communities to be able to fully contribute to our country.
  • Combating Climate Change
    • Increase the availability of green energy home and transportation solutions
  • Addressing Hunger in Our Communities
    • Hundred of thousands of Latino/a parents are forced to send their children to bed hungry - we can find a solution.
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Our Families Deserve a Brighter Future 


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