The GOP Thinks it Has Found an Issue!

GOP congressional leaders believe they have finally found a way to hurt President Biden's soaring approval ratings. Currently, the President is scaling the political heights, with over 60% of voters indicating that they support his young presidency. While the GOP publicly dismisses the Administration as "too left" internally, they are worried.

However, according to the D.C. insider news outlet Politico they now believe that they have found an issue that can halt Biden's popularity. The issue is ….drumroll...immigration!!!

Ok, we have seen them try the "dangerous immigrant" strategy before, and its most recent attempts have not been successful. In fact, like Wile E. Coyote, they have often found that the immigration TNT has blown up in their faces. Politico seems to think it will work this time.

You can get to the Politico story by clicking here.

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