Goya Foods CEO Muzzled by Goya Foods

Hispanic food giant Goya Foods has put a muzzle on its controversial CEO. Robert Unanue received a formal vote of censure by the Latino/a food provider's board of directors this week for his consistent vocal support for all things Trump while on the company dime.

Unanue has consistently backed even the most outrageous Trump focused conspiracies and talking points. The beleaguered food exec as recently as January 20th claimed that Biden's victory was "unverified".

Unanue's enthusiastic support for Trump has created pain for Goya. Previous pro-Trump statements by Unanue have led to a nationwide boycott of Goya food products. In a recent LatinoVoterUSAcom electronic survey, 70% of Latina/o registered voters supported the boycott.

The Goya board censured it's corporate leader and formally demanded that he no longer publicly speak about politics while representing the family-owned and controlled organization.

Goya Foods' most recent critics and boycotters may find something here to celebrate.

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